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    There are a large variety of paints available on the market today from many different manufacturers.  It can be very confusing to pick the right paint for the right application.  We use DuPont™ products and tend to stick with them as they are locally sold.  DuPont™ has a full line of paints to cover many different applications and are available in a variety of colors.

    DuPont™ makes a line of paints called Industrial Coatings.  In their industrial coatings line there are a variety of different paints for different applications and conditions such as exposure, marine, and corrosive environment.  Which paint is used depends on the object being painted and it's intended use.  They make primers to match the paint's use, so there is double protection.  Most of these paints are two part systems.  They cost more than an "industrial paint" sold at a box store, but it is money well spent.  The general rule with paint is you get what you pay for- spend a little extra so your project is done right.


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