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Bare Metal Sandblasting and Restoration, LLC.


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    Bare Metal Sandblasting and Restoration, located in southeast Missouri near Marquand, is the area's largest sandblasting and media blasting facility.  With over 20 years of experience in abrasive blasting and painting, our broad experience base will cover all of your restoration needs.  Located in the Ozark foothills of southern Missouri, we are only a short distance from St. Louis (75 miles) and Cape Girardeau (45 miles).  We cover a wide variety of restoration projects such as:

Agriculture and Forestry
Commercial and Industrial
Structural Steel
Horse and Stock Trailers
Car/ Truck Frames and Bodies

About Our Services:

    We offer the area's only one stop restoration company where everything from blasting to painting is done in one facility.  Our services are professional and economical.  Our shop is large enough to accommodate most vehicles and equipment.  We use a variety of abrasives in our blasting process, depending on the type of material the project is made from and the type of material to be removed.  We do not use bulk sand for several reasons which are listed on the page about sandblasting.  Our paints are professional quality made by DuPont™.  We can age wood (Faux Aging) for that antique look through blasting and sanding techniques.

    We strive to be environmentally friendly.  We recycle all of our material and our abrasives are made from recycled materials.  Our in house compressors run on electric rather than fuel.  


    If you would like references on work, please contact us and I can put you in touch with a live person, maybe even someone locally.

Contact Information:

Jeff Moore- Owner
Address:  1012 Madison 320
                Marquand, MO, 63655
Phone:  573-783-1947
Emal:  jmoore@baremetalsandblast.com





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